Croatia: Solidarity in support of independence of Greek public media and democracy

ERT belongs to the people
Dear Prime Minister Samaras,
We condemn the raid on the headquarters of ERT of 7 November.
Your government seeks to silence “ERT open” run by our colleagues and former ERT staff since
5 months and who preserve independent and universal public service broadcasting in Greece.
We stand with the ERT staff, our affiliate POSPERT and our sisters and brothers of the Journalists
Union as well as with all citizens who support and want ERT alive.
Your government’s actions since 11 June are pure censorship. The broadcasting staff and unions
at ERT open are defending democracy and public service values. There was no economic reason
to shut down ERT in the first place. It was a deliberate political decision to silence independent
We call on the Greek government to reverse the incomprehensible and dangerous decision to shut
down ERT and to take up the proposals of the workers and their unions at ERT regarding the
reform of ERT.
Yours sincerely,
Juko Cikojevic
Croatian Trade Union of Telecommunication
Juko Cikojević
Park stara Tresnjevka 2
10000 Zagreb
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