News in English - 02/07/2014

News in English - 02/07/2014

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Wednesday July 2, 2014

News Bulletin in English

- In the Parliament will be introduced tomorrow for voting, the “bill monster”

for prisons, midst of general disapproval of many groups. Meanwhile, 4,500

prisoners were suspended yesterday afternoon, the hanger strike that began

in 23 of June by risking their lives, but still remain "invisible" for the systemic

media. However, only 18 of the 1,200 prisoners on hunger strike in Korydallos

were examined yesterday by volunteer doctors.

Yesterday afternoon there was renewed solidarity concentrations in

Thessaloniki, Patras, Corfu and Korydallos. In Korydallos participated also

with their banners, the militant maids. Today at 20.30 is organised a concert

in Propylaea, with participation of many artists.

- The preliminary inquiry, ordered by the Public Prosecutor of the First

Instance Court of Athens on the occasion of publications on restricted input of

Technical University and blocking those attempting to enter the Foundation.

Earlier, the Education Minister Andreas Loverdos, urged administrators to

open the NTUA.

- With the threat of conscription, government facing the employees to PPC

and the 48hours repeated strikes they started today, as it is introduced to

the Parliament , the bill for the separation and gradual sale of the company to

private. Sure for the enactment of the bill, appears the government.

From the other side, GENOP PPC except the 48 hourly strikes, has

announced a referendum on the issue.

- Strikes will be in all steam electrical and hydroelectric stations, and in all

mines of the country.

-In the Power Station and mine of Amyntaion, was at twelve at noon, the

president of Syriza, Alexis Tsipras. Then he participated in an open meeting

with the organizers of the rally and local actors, in the cultural center of the


Meanwhile, MPs and members of the opposition will be found in plants of

PPC, across the country, participating in protest demonstrations.

Since yesterday, apply 11% increase in the price of electricity for secondary


- Outside prison, but under house arrest, will remain the MP Helen Zaroulia,

by decision of the Appeals Council. In MP of Golden Dawn party, is

prohibited to leave the country, other than the transition to Parliament.

- From yesterday is valided memorandum order to reduce contributions by

3.9%, which translates into a loss of revenue for funds in excess of 1 billion


Addition of 5.2% to 30% decrease again supplementary pensions for one

million beneficiaries, maternity allowance slashed by 50% and family

allowances of the Public Employment transferred OGA.

Also, by decision of the Ministries of Economy and Labour, from 2017 is

granted to the tax office, the collection of insurance contributions.

In international news

- Seven Afghan Air Force officers, were killed and 16 were injured in western

Kabul, when the military bus they were riding after receiving a bomb attack

from a Taliban suicide bomber.

- A series of attacks against Israeli Arabs, after the funeral of three young

Israelis who were kidnapped 18 days ago. First victim in East Jerusalem, a 17

year old Palestinian, which ripped and fanatics murdered Jews. Clashes

erupted in the morning in the refugee camp Souafat between Palestinians and

Israeli security forces.


Clear and warm weather today across the country.

Northwest winds in the Aegean, in some places strong west winds in the

Ionian to 5 Beaufort. Up to 34 degrees Celsius the temperature in Attica, to

30 degrees Celsius in Thessaloniki.
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