Οι ειδήσεις στα αγγλικά

Οι ειδήσεις στα αγγλικά

Τετάρτη, 18/06/2014 - 20:33
Increasing the cost of transportation for passengers

In 50% increase in commuter passes for trolley, buses and trams, hopes the Minister of Transports, Michalis Chryssochoidis, by establishing a single fare card and from September 1st to all modes of transport. However it is concealed the simultaneous reduction of one and a half hour to 70 minutes, the duration of a single ticket, resulting in significant ... increase of transport costs per minute for the passengers.

On a strike the administrators of Universities

A new 48-hour strike for tomorrow and the day after, declared the federation university administrators, while critical to the fate of the semester at Athens is considered the general meeting they have tomorrow. At the same time, occupied by administrators, are the premises of the Technical University and the University of Patras.

On a strike today the medical staff

With security personnel are currently operating the Public Hospitals, due to the 24-hour nationwide strike by medical personnel,opposed to the new evaluation system and redundancy. Workers gathered earlier in the morning, outside the Ministry of Health. Also in Attica , ADEDI has preached for today ,a stop of working from now until the end of working time.

On a strike also, the employees in the Association of books & stationery of Attica

A 24-hour strike has been declared today for the Employees in Association books & stationery of Attica and they have a demonstration this hour, behind the Cultural Center of Athens.

Three of retired of Navy, examined by the Financial Crime

Three retired of Navy from the sector arms program, held-exorbitant in relation to their income- amounts ,identified by the auditors of Financial Crime. Checks are continuing also in other assets hundred senior officers , involved in the armament.

Apologies today for the five Turks involved in the case of heroin

In the investigator apologize today the five Turks who were arrested for the case of a large quantity of heroin. They are temporarily detained after their apology, the 40-year old owner, his ex-wife and her friend, while the former mother in law and the housekeeper allowed free without bail.
Member of the Golden Dawn party, took time to apologize
Deadline to apologize on June 25 ,for the offense address and membership in a criminal group, took the deputy of Golden Dawn , Costas Barbarousis.

Evangelos Venizelos closes the internal fronts

To shut the most fronts inside the party of PASOK till the Congress, which will be held in the autumn ,will try from now on, the party president ,Evangelos Venizelos.
In this context, the party president will ask from the top executives to find a modus vivendi with the main object the unity of the party and the establishment of the center-left.
All prominent executives, ministers and non, will join the political cycle, which will submit proposals to the Congress and the Conference for the Centre-Left party.

In international news

Meeting of Samaras and Schaeuble, in Lisbon

Main issue is the economy , in the brief meeting of Samaras and Schaeuble,in Lisbon, on the sidelines of the event of the Parliamentary Group of the European People's Party, with subject “Employment and Development 2014-2019”, where the Greek prime minister reportedly praised the policy followed, after the suggestions in the course of neo-liberarism European's elite. He said, indeed, that he was not concerned about the IMF report and what this records. In the meanwhile, a confusing tangle for the12 prerequisites due to the 2 mini doses, although they are signed, but intolerable for new government ministers Samaras- Venizelos, who with one eye squint for the suspected parliamentary elections in September.

Juan Carlos of Spain signed today the recent law
The last case, which approves his resignation, signs at afternoon the King of Spain Juan Carlos, with rising voices calling for abolition of the monarchy.

Real danger of splitting Iraq

A real danger is the disintegration of Iraq into three states: the extremists organization ISIS control several Sunni strongholds to look in Baghdad, while attacked and refinery in Baitzi. The Kurds in the semi-autonomous northern Iraqi cities ensure their region, Iran sends military aid to Baghdad Shiite, while Saudi Arabia strongly supports the Islamists of ISIS. After the 49 recently abducted, Turkish workers in Mosul, insurgents kidnapped today another 60 people, including a group of Turkish workers.


Sunny today, with a few clouds and sporadic rain, mainly in the mountains of Epirus and Macedonia. It facilitates the transfer of dust mainly in the west and south. In Attica, good weather, light rain, southerly winds to 4 Beaufort and temperature from 19 to 33 degrees Celsius. Equal time and Thessaloniki, with occasional showers and a temperature of 20 to 31 degrees Celsius .
Οι ειδήσεις στα Αγγλικά

Οι ειδήσεις στα Αγγλικά

Τετάρτη, 04/06/2014 - 17:09
The government continues to ignore the court orders

The government continues the illegalities and unconstitutional detours of judgments. After refusing to re-employ the cleaners of Finance Ministry , the Interministerial Committee for Strategic Investments described the arbitrary property of the Mall « a great investment -fast track», although the Council of State had ruled the erection illegal .Essentially, the Commission has included the biggest arbitrary of Europe , of 75,000 sq. km . measures ,in the law of regulating future investments .
After yesterday's decision of the Interministerial Committee ,the owner Investment Company of LATSIS ,can now not pay even a euro as fine arbitrary, by integrating retrospectively on fast track investments

Faced with police violence cleaners

After they faced once again yesterday with the police violence outside the Ministry of Finance for the 28th day , the militant cleaners will be today out of the KEPYO in Kallithea , requesting the application of judgment and their reuptake . At least one worker was transported by ambulance to the hospital.

Rallies and demonstrations is a daily event ,in Athens of the ' overplus'

Gathering at KERAMIKOS Metro station ,outside the call center Online Sales, operates the Employees Association of paper books in Attica, as a support of two redundant of the company.
Tomorrow also in Klathmonos square , POSPERT invites all citizens to rally and march to the Ministry of Finance , against redundancies, availability and the clearance sale of the country by the government

Government sells beaches

The government with summary proceedings sells by transferring to the Fund for the Development of Public Property , three other properties in the coastal front of Attica , the Parnassus Ski Centre , Xenia hotels , port and marina Zea and land across Greece .
Note that in the statements Antonis Samaras spoke of organized exploitation of the coastal front of Attica from Faliro till Sounion , statements that finally proved false ,after the annulment of the Ministerial Committee on Privatization.

Defendants exempt for fuel smuggling case

Acquitted yesterday by a majority of the five-member Court of Appeals Felony Piraeus , the master of the ship company Aegean Oil , which is accused of along with the brother of busenessman Dimitri Melissanidis , James, in serious cases of smuggling stations, approximately 6,000,000 liters of diesel .
Note that the non- payment of duties and taxes, harmed the state by 2.220.000 euros.

Meeting today , the Parliamentary Group of ANEL

There is a meeting today , of the Parliamentary Group of Independent Greeks(ANEL), after the new departure yesterday of Mika Iatridis . For that matter will be placed the president Panos Kammenos and the members.

Confrontation SYRIZA - Government , on digital frequencies

There was a debate in the parliament yesterday, between government and SYRIZA for the award of the digital signal in DIGEA ( consortium of private channels MEGA, ANT1, STAR, SKY , ALPHA, Macedonia) .
The digital transmission was given up to 15 years, in the worthless amount of 18 million Euros . The deputy of SYRIZA ,Zoe Konstantopoulou ,featured the price “humiliating” and " as a photography " of the contest ,in which only one company was involved . As she said, according to the Mason study , commissioned and paid by the State , the starting price in the tender should be at least 715 million Euros.

Pan mobilization of POSPERT - UNI / MEL for black ERT

Pan mobilization outside the Greek embassies , in cooperation with UNI / MEI and other collectives , is organized for June 11th , anniversary day of the fascist way of “black” in ERT.

Violent arrests in Tiananmen Square in Beijing

With the violent crackdown and many arrests ,answered the Chinese government in today's 23rd anniversary of the massacre of students in Tiananmen Square . With overnight vigil , numerous of citizens honor the memory of hundreds of dead ,from the riots in 1991.

NATO , U.S. and European leaders in Warsaw

In Warsaw are focused U.S. and European leaders ,attending the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the first elections after communism in Poland . At the same time ,Paris will have talks, the foreign ministers John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov . Violent shootings continued also today in Slaviansk while there were dead and wounded, among the separatists.

Cloudy today , with local showers and possibly thundery in North Greece , Thessaly and east mainland . Cloudy with local showers in Athens and temperature to 27 degrees Celsius. Local showers with gradual improvement in Thessaloniki , and temperature to 23 degrees Celsius.
News in English

News in English

Δευτέρα, 02/06/2014 - 18:39
National Exams today with Mathematics and Ancient Greek

With Mathematics and Ancient Greek ,were continued today the Exams, issues that were generally accepted .

PASOK : We agree to implement the Court 's decision for the cleaners

PASOK agrees by a statement , to implement the court decision of the cleaners, who they managed to get it by their militancy with a symbolic blockade outside the party's office at Charilaou Trikoypi . Before that ,they where beaten up by an employee of the party.

A defiant attitude of Greek Presidency for the mutants

The Greek 's Presidency attitude remains defiant for the mutants . By a proposal of Mr Venizelos and Mr Maniatis ,which allowed the cultivation of mutant seeds in the European Union, weakening the member countries that may wish to resist the plans of multinationals. For this “black page” of the Greek Presidency ,spoke this morning in radio of Ertopen , Elena Danalis from the Greek office of Greenpeace.

Five Unions of Public Electricity Company (DEI) ask to cancel the spec for selling off the company

The spec for the sale to private individuals of 66 % of infrastructure and electricity networks across the country ,they ask by an appeal to the Council of State , the 5 unions of Public Electricity Company(DEI). The appeal said that the sale of the DEI network is unconstitutional , illegal and contrary to the European Convention on Human Rights.

POSPERT-UNI/MEI : Europe-wide mobilization to June 11

European mobilization outside the Greek embassies in cooperation with UNI / MEI and other collectives , organized on 11 June, when closing one year of the Fascist black ERT .

Meeting at this afternoon in Athens Labour Centre to organize rally on June 11th
Today , at 6pm , the POSPERT and Administrative Employees Association , call for a meeting of all the clubs and collectives of workers and unemployed at the Labour Centre of Athens, for organizing a rally for June 10th , the day that sits in judgement the case of the cleaners of the Ministry of Finance and all actions for June 11th ,anniversary day of “black “ in ERT.

King of Spain, Juan Carlos , releases for his son Felippe

In Spain , the resignation of King Juan Carlos, in favor of his son Felipe , was announced today by the Prime Minister Rajoy . First it must be voted an amendment that would allow the resignation of King , who has serious health problems .

Russia records in UN Security Council a resolution against violence in Ukraine

Russia submits today a draft resolution in the UN Security Council, calling for an immediate end to violence in Ukraine and the creation of humanitarian corridors to the east of the country , said the Foreign Minister ,Sergei Lavrov .


Increased cloudness in most of the country , with local showers in the mainland ,that will be increased and will occur y from midday onwards and sporadic thunderstorms in central and north , waiting for tomorrow Tuesday. Moderate dust transporting from Africa ,will be seen in Southern Greece .
Temperatures will range from 14 to 26 degrees in northern Greece , from 14 to 24 degrees in Central Greece , from 16 to 24 degrees in southern Greece , from 16 to 28 degrees in western Greece and from 18 to 25 degrees in the Aegean islands and Crete, with the maximum on the north coast of the island to reach local 30 degrees .
The winds will blow in the Aegean sea from eastern addresses patients to mostly moderate in the north and to moderate south to gradual strengthening from noon to strong to near gale and East Cretan windy . The Ionian winds will blow easterly moderate and locally in Southern Ionian Patras and almost gale to gale .
Increasing clouds with a chance of local rains , is expected tomorrow in Attica. The internal temperature will reach 23 degrees Celsius . The winds will blow almost northeastern moderate to moderate and from noon onwards powerful.
Increasing clouds with local rain by the evening , is expected tomorrow in Thessaloniki . The temperature will reach 26 degrees Celsius . The winds will blow from Thermaikos in southern direction to moderate , turning the night in the northwestern with the same intensity .

News in English

News in English

Τρίτη, 27/05/2014 - 19:28
Alexis Tsipras warnsthe Prime Minister

A warning to the Prime Minister not to proceed with the appointmentof a New Governor in the Bank of Greece, and also the appointment of a new guardian, without the consent of SYRIZA, sent Alexis Tsipras after his meeting with the President of the Republic. “The polling percentages do not legitimize the government to take these decisions“, said Mr. Tsipras and asked the President to appeal to the polls as soon aspossible, to restore the "democratic normalcy ."

Government spokesman : “SYRIZA is not convinced”

Votersare not convinced to "overthrow" envisaged by Alexis Tsipras, said on Monday the government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou, as a reply to SYRIZA 's claim that the government has no longer legitimacy. He also argues that it is "institutional diversion to interpret the elections as a referendum on the governance of the country" .

Reflecting the government

Caused serious concern to the Government expected "blockade" of the Council of State ( CoS ) inprivatization of the Athens, which held unconstitutional the company affiliation in Asset Development FundBills ( HRADF ) - news became known a few hours before the SYRIZA cut the first thread of elections.
Increased the number of foreclosures

10,000 foreclosures on debt to pension funds. The coercive recovery measures corresponding to debts EUR 270 million went Insurance Center Collection Charges in the quarter January - March 2014 .
In Brussels, the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, departs for Brussels today, to participate in a working dinner of Heads State and Government Summit of the European People's Party .
Together with Mr Samaras in Brussels will travel Evangelos Venizelos. George Papandreou will attend the meeting of vice premiers and the Governments of the 19 Member –States belonging to the European Socialist Party.

Reflections on repeal of the "bonus" of 50 seats in Parliament

The question of abolishing the electoral bonus of 50 seats intowards greater proportionality, will includethe agenda of the meeting of the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister, that will take place on Thursday afternoon .
At the same time, it does not exclude Papandreou to put the issue of the need to update the program agreement in the two parties.

Proposal for increasing doses of overdue loans

Increasing repayments arrears from 12at least 48, intends to ask the government from Troika. Under the weight of disappointing data on the mountain of arrears which grows month bymonth, executives of Finance Ministry believe that the Troika should accept it. They plan to cover all margins as soon as possible, so the taxpayers – with particular emphasis on employees and retirees – have the ability to pay the past-due taxes at least in 48 monthly installments.

Maintenance work on the tram to Glyfada

Off comes the part of the tram network "OldHall Glyfada - Voula Asklipieio" on Tuesday and Wednesday, from 22:00 until the end of the shift, due to the execution of work maintenance. Therefore, vehicles tram would terminate their services in the "Old City Hall "stop.

The government violates the decisions of justice

The 397 cleaners continue their struggle for reinstatement, by remaining outside the building of the Ministry of Finance. Despite the favorable judgment’s decision, the government currently has make nothing for their application. 

On Wednesday will begin the StudentsNational Examinations

Opens on Wednesday nationwide examination of the curtain, for 105,000 candidates to claim one of 70,305 places in Universities and Technical colleges throughout the country. OLME has called a concentration in the Ministry of Education, today after two and a half at noon, against repeals andmergers of schools promoted by the Ministry.

Amounting to about 35 dead pro-Russian in Ukraine

For deaths that reach up to 35 pro-Russian speaking gunmen the enterprise of the Ukrainian army to recapture the Donetsk airport.

Presidential elections in Egypt

Second day of the presidential elections in Egypt to illustrate essentially of General Al- Sisi, fanatical enemy of Muslim Brotherhood, the highest office. Results announced next week and will follow parliamentary elections, probably in the fall.

Good and warm weather across the country with a few clouds during “the hot hours of the day”, to main land will increase local givingshowers and thunderstorms mainly in the mountains in the eastern Macedoniaand Thrace, provided today by the National Meteorological Service. The winds of the Aegean Sea from southern primarily addresses patients to medium and from the western Ionian addresses with the same intensity. At 31°C the maximum temperature in Athens, at 30°C in Thessaloniki .