NEWS IN ENGLISH 09/05/2015

Subversive leaks to specific media against the governmental policy, presenting Greece as a country on the verge of bankruptcy, from the office of the Governor of Bank of Greece were published by the Editors’ Newspaper. Consequently  several SYRIZA party members asked for the resignation of the  Governor of the Bank, Yannis Stournaras.

The Bank of Greece has denied that any such e mail was sent from the office of the Governor or the Bank’s communications bureau.

The course of the negotiations with the country’s creditors and the aims of the government in view of Monday’s Eurogroup were discussed in a meeting of the financial team of the government this morning.

Experience in other parts of the world  has shown that a country could suddenly slip into bankruptcy, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble said in an interview to German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonnagtszeitung.  “A solution for Greece will be found” chief of the Eurogroup Jeroen Dijsselbloem noted in his interview in Corriere della Serra .

A positive vote from our party in favor of a deal with the creditors should not in any case be interpreted as confidence in the Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras nor to the government, stated parliamentary spokesman of New Democracy, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, in an interview published in newspaper “Imerisia”.

A poll by MRB published by newspaper Real News, shows 58.8% of those asked wishing a validation of a debt deal in the Parliament in  case of an “honest compromise”, 28.8% preferring a referendum and 5.8% elections.

The annual conference of the Central Union of Greek Municipalities (KEDE) in Sithonia, Chalkidiki, ended with the resolution not to transfer the reserve funds of the municipalities to the Bank of Greece, unless the Government declares that the country is facing a problem which directly involves the reserve funds of the municipalities.

Song writer and composer Dionysis Tsaknis was assigned president of ERT with journalist Lambis Tagmatarchis managing director. The other members of the board of directors are:  Michalis Grigoriou, composer, Nikos Tranos, Professor School of Fine Arts and director Ellie Papakonstandinou.

A demonstration supporting the legalization of the use of cannabis is currently being held in Syndagma square.


In Spain, an Airbus A400M military transport plane crashed in a field in Seville on Saturday, killing four of the six on board.

In Russia, the anniversary of the 70 years after the day of the victory over Nazi Germany, was celebrated with a military parade across Moscow's Red Square.


Local showers with sporadic storms in the western, central and northern continental parts of the country, mostly around noon, are forecast by the National Meteorological Service. Northern winds will blow in the Aegean, from 6 to 7 beau forts.  Temperatures will reach 25 degrees Celsius in Attica and 21 in Thessalonica.
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