News in English - 22/07/2014

---The situation in the Gaza Strip has turned into a humanitarian crisis.
More than 600 Palestinians and 27 Israelis have been killed since the clashes have erupted 14 days ago.
The UN Secretary General and the U.S. Secretary of State have visited Cairo for consultations in order to reach a truce. Also, the Human Rights Council of the UN is meeting tomorrow to address the issue of Gaza.

--- The Union of Public Employees held a protest outside the Ministry of Administrative Reform to express their opposition to the redundancies and the dismissals of workers which the government is promoting. 
Earlier in the day, members of the Teachers' Federation and dismissed employees of the National Radio Television Station marched from the building of the Greek Radio to the building of the Ministry of Education.
In the meantime, the minister of administrative reform Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that the dismissals of civil servants for the years 2013 and 2014 are an obligation that our country has undertaken and they will be accomplished at all costs.

--- The public hospitals’ employees will abstain from work from 10am to 3pm tomorrow and will hold a rally outside the Health Ministry building. The employees are asking the government not to proceed with the dismissal of workers.

--- Deputies from the PASOK and the Democratic Left Party are meeting today in an attempt to start a dialogue on the cooperation of the center-left parties. The meeting will focus on issues such as the remaining of Greece in the Euro-zone, the restructuring of the debt, the fiscal reform, the reduction of the unemployment, the social services and the change of the production model. 
Also, the PASOK deputies will ask their Democratic Left Party colleagues to clarify what their relationship with the SYRIZA is and what they are seeking for, opening discussions on the formation of a progressive government.

--- The government has recoursed to justice soughting to oust the POSPERT from its offices in the building of the former Greek National Radio and Television Network and to close the second café which has been granted under the law for the Handicaps. POSPERT denounces this new approach, a product of the government's authoritarianism, which can not tolerate the lawful union activities.
POSPERT is calling all the ERT employees, the unions, the local communities and all the democratic Greek citizens to protest against the undemocratic new delirium on Wednesday, July 23rd at 09.00 outside the building B of the former Cadet Academy.

--- The Free Greek Radio Television Orchestra is organizing a concert to express their solidarity to the finance ministry cleaners’ struggle. The concert will be held in the Constitution Square on Thursday, July 24th at 7 pm.

--- Kiev is accusing Russia that it is has deployed 40,000 soldiers and heavy weapons at the border, while the Ukrainian parliament approved a presidential decree on a new partial mobilization of reservists and men under 50 years of age to fight the rebels in eastern Ukraine. 
The Russian Security Council is meeting is meeting today after renewed fighting erupted in eastern Ukraine and in the shadow of the shot-down of the Malaysian Airways aircraft.
Meanwhile, the pro-Russian separatists handed into Malaysian experts, the two black boxes of the aircraft which was shot down last week over Ukranian territory.

Weather forecast
The weather tomorrow will be sunny and hot. The winds will blow from westerly directions and their intensity will reach the 7 on the Beaufort scale. Temperature in Athens will reach up to 33 degrees Celsius and in Thessaloniki 30 degrees Celsius.
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