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--- In Monastiraki got arrested, after a bloody brawl with the  police, the person who was hot for participation in the "Revolutionary Struggle",Nikos Maziotis. N.Maziotis was discovered accidentally by men of DIAS group, who were in the downtown area within the enterprise "Theseus" of the Police against paremporiou, drugs and illegal immigration. In the shootout that followed injured himself, a man of the DIAS group and lighter two transit tourists.  N.Maziotis hospitalized, guarded, in Evangelismos Hospital, to undergo in a  surgery.

--- It is completed the  crucial meeting of government -Troika at the Finance of Ministry. On the side of troika, finds two major outstanding issues during its audits, on which the government is required to take decisions,in order to be ready for the critical scrutiny will be undertaken by our lenders in September. The first relates to the 'red' loans which has not yet found a mutually acceptable solution and the second to the sustainability of the pension system.
"All  are in the hands of  jurisdiction and discretion of bankers, who will be able to manage the problem as they see fit, in order to consolidate their portfolio of soft loans," says the Chamber's Economic Policy of SYRIZA for the project management of non-performing private debts.

---- Initiative Ship to Gaza, Stop the War Coalition and Palestinian and other collectives, are calling for a concentration protest , tomorrow at 6:30 in the afternoon outside the Israeli embassy, against the ongoing shelling of Gaza 
The concentration,as the organizers mention,is the  "minimal expression of solidarity at 200 dead and over 1,100 wounded, mostly civilians, women and children."
For seven days Israel has unleashed thousands of airstrikes against the city of Palestine, targeting residential areas, hospitals, schools, mosques, and even boats. Medical teams consisting of local and foreign doctors announced that the wounds on the bodies they examined were caused by the destructive and internationally banned weapons DIME (Dense Inert Metal Explosives). Moreover, thousands of Palestinians are forced to flee their homes.

--- Gathering outside the Finance of Ministry in Karageorgi Serbia str.,held accountants and tax advisors, protesting the closure of the Taxis and the deadline for filing tax returns.“The system should remain open until at least August 20”,said the accountants.

- ----The summer section of the Parliament, which starts next Tuesday and will conclude on August 28, to vote the other prerequisites for the last tranche of 1 billion. The first test of the "rookie" Members will become the bill for  the coasts, against which there is widespread reaction.

-----Open dialogue meeting and coordination of SYRIZA with  social organizations and institutions,for  the coast and foreshore, today at 7.30 pm at the atrium of the Museum Benaki.It will start with the speech of  Alexis Tsipras.

-----In the teeth of goverment, the required 6,500 redundancies in the public sector by the end of the year.

----- In 24hours strike progressed the workers  to news agencies, which will last until 6 pm today, with a request to sign the Collective Labour Agreement.

--- 24-hour  strike for postal workers of Hellenic Post of Athens and Attica, claiming immediate hiring of seasonal employees. If the problems are not resolved, the union warns of a new 4-day strike from 11 to 14 of August.

----- Representation protest at the offices of HRADF today by the Union of Dockers Piraeus, the Syndicates' Port, Self-government and social institutions, against the sale of 67% of the ports of Piraeus and Thessaloniki.

----- 15% less will be the Pupils for September students of First Grade based on final settlement of the ministry. It remains open, the issue of Bank for the topics.

--- It started yesterday the submition of applications for Social Tourism Workers, unemployed and their families. Subsidies for 1 to 5 nights, from 15 September 2014 to 31 August 2015.

--- Forty years completed today the Turkish invasion in Cyprus.


Sporadic showers and thunderstorms, mainly during the hot hours of the day, the mainland and possibly local the Ionian sea according to National Weather Services.
Winds at sea will reach up to 6 beaufort, mainly with northern and north-western directions.
Clouds during the hot hours of the day will increase, in the region of Attica.The temperature in the center of Athens will reach 32 degrees Celsius and winds will blow north /northeast, weak to moderate.
Same weather in Thessaloniki. Temperature up to 31 degrees Celsius.Weak winds over Thermaikos bay.
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