News in English - 9/07/2014

---It is still in progress  the law suit of the government against ADEDI, considering  illegal today's nationwide strike of ADEDY, against the assessment, availabilities, layoffs, new cuts of salaries and pensions and of course the privatization of PPC.

 --- Many workers held this morning  a great course and pulse, responding to the call of ADEDI against availabilities and evaluation.

 ---The debate in parliament is continuing in the high-pitched, while at  evening will take place the nominal  vote on the bill for the "small" PPC.
Alexis Tsipras said that his party will use any institutional means to prevent not only the "sellout of PPC", but the concession of the foreshore in business interests and enact legislation that would eliminate the right to strike, "during  the summer courses of Parliament"
The communist party KKE ,will deposit  its own proposal for the  referendum of  PPC , announced from the floor of the Parliament  Thanasis Pafilis. The chairman of the party Independent Greeks, Panos Kammenos, talked about "economic crime". The 15 independent deputies , also tabled in the Parliament   the first proposal for a referendum on the sale of electricity.

--- At 7 pm the rally  of GENOP in Syntagma square,against the sellout ofsmall PPC”. The Executive Secretary of the GSEE decided to support the rally and calls  all the Labour Centers to engage with concentrations around the country.

--- Greece gave a command to international banks , to take the upcoming year bond issue "reference" in Euro and under English law .The previous Greek exit markets, after four years of blockade, was on 10 April by issuing 5-year bond with an interest rate of 4.75%.

--- The 29 contestants against gold mining ,got free  today after completed their apologies. At 7 of them was  not imposed any  caveat, while  at 6 of them  had been prohibited from leaving the country, and at 23 prohibition to approach the SKOYRIES area in  4 kilometers and  for minors 10 meters distance.

--- The member of the Golden Dawn , Nikos Michos, will be in house arrest until the adoption of the decree of the Council of Appeals for the pre-trial detention or not, while today disagreed the judge and the prosecutor on the criminal treatment of the investigating.

--- Joint action  to  the Council of State against the decision of Gerasimos Giakoumatos for the operation of shops and 52 Sundays of the year, filed by Confederation of Tradesmen and employees in stores.

--- The government prepares for a reset of the lockout on the part of employers, for decisions strikes only for  50+1 majority of the members of the unions and for  the stop of government subsidies to employers or unions,in an effort to get rid of the protests. The change of trade union law is expected by the end of the year.

--- Pentagon  announced  the process of destruction of Syrian chemical weapons in international waters south of Crete. Meanwhile, a rally against the destruction of chemicals, mining gold in Skouries,Halkidiki and bill for the Coasts  ,is organized on  Friday July 11th , at  8pm in Syntagma Square, with the slogan "Chemicals-Skouries -Coasts. Happening now! Let’s  stop it now! ". Employees of  ERT, that  fill 13 months of struggle, chose  to join on Friday  their voices with them in a common rally.

 --- Emergency measures to protect vulnerable groups receiving the municipality of Athens, due to the current high temperatures. Open today for citizens 9 air-conditioned conference from 10 am to 6 pm.


In international news

---The attacks against targets associated with the Islamist group Hamas in the Gaza Strip will intensify, said the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. The same day, photos with inanimate bodysuits of children, victims of Israeli raids, go round the world via the internet.

--- In Iraq, fifty dead with hands tied , identified near a  town  south of Baghdad. The region is mainly inhabited by Shia Muslims, and there had been no activity by  Islamic extremists of the Islamic State.


The National Weather Service forecasts fine weather for  tomorrow. The winds will blow westerly to south to 6 Beaufort. The temperature in Athens will reach 37 degrees Celsius and in Thessaloniki  34 degrees Celsius.
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