News in English - 18/07/2014

----- The pendency  left by the troika and should be resolved until the return in September, attempts to settle the Minister of Finance. Also,outstanding issues, such as the implementation of the state budget and the outstanding of overdue tax returns and issuing notices of Single Estate Property Tax.

------ With the slogan “never on  Sunday”, there is  a new nationwide strike on Sunday, July 20, from the federation for private sector employees Greece not to pass the Sunday opening of shops.

--- Parallel discussion meeting will make workers in the trade sector, on Sunday, July 20 at 19:00 pm at the offices of the Association of Employees of Books- Paper in Attica, on the occasion of the recent developments for the opening of shops on Sundays and coordinate actions against the abolition of the Sunday holiday.

--- A labor crash in  Ptolemais, where a 43 year old trenching machine operator in PPC was killed when the truck collided with a backhoe in the South Field of the plant. "This is a  criminal act on the part of government that prohibits the administration of the company to recruit, and shows the intention  to sell PPC " said the president of the union  Spartacus, George Adamidis.

--- Rapid developments after the conception of Nikos Maziotis,(seen as a leading member of the organization "Revolutionary Struggle") on Wednesday noon in the center of Athens. Shortly after 2 pm, it became known that the authorities have identified the den, in Ypsilantou street ,Maroussi.
It is a 5th floor apartment, which is close to the Metro station.
It is cordoned off by heavy police forces, while step Counterterrorism check out the apartment.

--- A great participation  in yesterday's gathering of solidarity with the Palestinian people, outside the Israeli Embassy. A similar concentration became in  St. Nicholas Square in Volos.
Tonight  will be concentrations for Genocide in Gaza, in Thessaloniki at  7pm and  in Trikala at 8pm.

--- The immediate cancellation of all military and other agreements concluded with Israel, has asked the government , the Secretary General of the Communist  Party (
KKE),Dimitris Koutsoubas,speaking at yesterday's rally.

--- Medicines  for hospitals in  Palestine,collect the Metropolitan Social Clinic in Greek and  the organization Fair Planet, where can be addressed those who wish to participate in this action.

--- Winning 3% SYRIZA against Nea Democratia , gives the new poll company Pulse, that  is conducted for the

--- Dockers stop this  morning to work at  COSCO pier in the port of Piraeus. Thy require signing a collective bargaining agreement, payment of the allowance-hazardous and the possibility of setting up the association.

--- In amending the movement of trains on the Northern Greece from Monday, July 21 and Sunday, August 31, 2014, proceeds  TRAINOSE due to the summer season.

--- The following days shall be deposited in the second part of the Summer Dpt of Parliament, the  bill for the  forests, private urbanization, the building societies and the development of abandoned settlements. The
Deputy Environment Minister,Nick Tagaras, stressed that is promoted a new model of "soft housing development with environmental characteristics." He admitted, however, that the bill is  targeting  in property investments inside  the forests.

--- Reduction in the Unified Estate Tax for 2014 ,calls the National Federation of Owners for the empty properties which do not generate any income to their owners. According to reports, the flat tax is imposed and land areas outside the project. Clearing the estate tax will be issued no later than the end of August instead of June, as planned.

--- Tomorrow Saturday, culminating in Crete, the protests against the destruction of Syrian chemical in the Mediterranean, with a three-day blockade of the U.S. base in Souda, which starts at noon.

International news

--- Continuing the bombings and the Israeli ground operations in Gaza, by killing mostly civilians and children.

--- Ukraine decided to close today,the airspace over the combat zone, one day after the crash of civil aircraft  of Malaysian airlines with 298 passengers.

Clouds during the hot hours of the day in the mainland will increase and will occur rain and occasional thunderstorms, wait for tomorrow, Saturday.
In Attica, the temperature will reach to 34 degrees Celsius. Moderate winds will blow from the north. 
In Thessaloniki, the temperature will reach 32 to 33 degrees Celsius. The winds will blow  in Thermaikos northwesterly weak to moderate.