News Bulletin in English

Sunday, June 15th, 2014
News Bulletin in English

Prime Minister: "Forget the elections"
"Forget the elections" is the message sent out by
the Prime-minister Antonis Samaras, in his first interview, immediately after the elections and the recent reshuffle , in the newspaper'' VHMA''. The Prime Minister heralds interventions within the next six months to benefit the weakest by a complete- as-bound –plan , to reduce all tax burdens fall and by a time horizon of some years.

European Central Bank: “Extend the austerity measures in Greece”
In contrast, extension of austerity measures in Greece as opposed to what it promises in recent days the government's economic team, heralds the European Central Bank, in its monthly economic bulletin, thus contradicting the government officials that said the negotiations with the troika will seek the repeal of emergency solidarity levy and the reduction of high taxation on heating oil.

Not real the data of Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT)
The reduce of unemployment ,showing little while ago Hellenic Statistical Authority's data and which propagandized as a privileged sign of the "success story" election, the government changed "suddenly" and "paradoxically" ... to an increase in post-election!
According to data released by the Hellenic Statistical Authority, the unemployment rate escalated in the first quarter of 2014 to 27.8% from 27.6% recorded in the corresponding period of last year.
The data show that the number of registered unemployed amounted to 1,342,299 persons, an increase of 0.4% compared with the previous quarter and 0.5% compared to the first quarter 2013.

The German service BND (Federal Intelligence Service) monitor
s the Greeks
Emails and communications through Internet from Greece, monitor
s the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND), according to documents in the possession of the newspaper NEA. The intercepts, as shown in a document filed during litigation between German lawyer and BND, generally made for reasons of "international terrorism", however it is not clear the size and scope of the Watchers to foreign targets. There are serious questions about the German wiretaps in Greece and if they comply with the strict Greek legislation, raises by the party of SYRIZA.

Antifascist demonstration , today in Thessaloniki
demonstration is organized today at 5pm at the White Tower,by the Antifascist Assembly of Solidarity , as the Golden Dawn will hold an event in Karaiskaki Square ,after the ban concentrations for today by police in the center of Thessaloniki.

Deadline to apologize
on Tuesday for those who got involved in drug trafficking
Deadline to apologize on Tuesday and Wednesday, they took all the 11 arrested
persons ,that were allegedly involved in the case of a large quantity of heroin, more than one tonne detected after a large coordinated operation of the Greek coastguard ,coastguard two stores in Athens, Koropi , Philothei and in cooperation with the Hellenic Police, the Financial Crime and the U.S. Drugs dpt. These six Greek, including a minor, who will apologize on Tuesday and for five Turkish nationals, who will apologize on Wednesday.

It continues the car race climb in Achladokampos
It is stopped   today the movement of vehicles on the old highway of Argos - Tripoli and the two traffic streams to 5 pm at the section of road from the 14th until the 25th kilometer, for the smooth and safe running of race automotive ascent in Achladokampos.

A molotov cocktail at the Embassy of Russia in Kiev
A m olotov cocktail was thrown on Saturday night during a demonstration against the embassy of Russia in Kiev by Ukrainian protesters who had put down before , the Russian flag and turned over cars of the diplomatic corps, after the attack of rebels pro-Russian,in eastern Ukraine who downed military plane by killing 49 occupants.

Showers and thunderstorms, transient local strong ,
are expected for today on the mainland, according to the Greek Weather Services. Initially in the central and eastern Macedonia, Thrace and Thessaly scored rains and strong thunderstorms likely accompanied locally by hail and strong winds. The temperature in Athens will be from 21 to 31 degrees Celsius and in Thessaloniki from 19 to 29 degrees Celsius.