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Alexis Tsipras warnsthe Prime Minister

A warning to the Prime Minister not to proceed with the appointmentof a New Governor in the Bank of Greece, and also the appointment of a new guardian, without the consent of SYRIZA, sent Alexis Tsipras after his meeting with the President of the Republic. “The polling percentages do not legitimize the government to take these decisions“, said Mr. Tsipras and asked the President to appeal to the polls as soon aspossible, to restore the "democratic normalcy ."

Government spokesman : “SYRIZA is not convinced”

Votersare not convinced to "overthrow" envisaged by Alexis Tsipras, said on Monday the government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou, as a reply to SYRIZA 's claim that the government has no longer legitimacy. He also argues that it is "institutional diversion to interpret the elections as a referendum on the governance of the country" .

Reflecting the government

Caused serious concern to the Government expected "blockade" of the Council of State ( CoS ) inprivatization of the Athens, which held unconstitutional the company affiliation in Asset Development FundBills ( HRADF ) - news became known a few hours before the SYRIZA cut the first thread of elections.
Increased the number of foreclosures

10,000 foreclosures on debt to pension funds. The coercive recovery measures corresponding to debts EUR 270 million went Insurance Center Collection Charges in the quarter January - March 2014 .
In Brussels, the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, departs for Brussels today, to participate in a working dinner of Heads State and Government Summit of the European People's Party .
Together with Mr Samaras in Brussels will travel Evangelos Venizelos. George Papandreou will attend the meeting of vice premiers and the Governments of the 19 Member –States belonging to the European Socialist Party.

Reflections on repeal of the "bonus" of 50 seats in Parliament

The question of abolishing the electoral bonus of 50 seats intowards greater proportionality, will includethe agenda of the meeting of the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister, that will take place on Thursday afternoon .
At the same time, it does not exclude Papandreou to put the issue of the need to update the program agreement in the two parties.

Proposal for increasing doses of overdue loans

Increasing repayments arrears from 12at least 48, intends to ask the government from Troika. Under the weight of disappointing data on the mountain of arrears which grows month bymonth, executives of Finance Ministry believe that the Troika should accept it. They plan to cover all margins as soon as possible, so the taxpayers – with particular emphasis on employees and retirees – have the ability to pay the past-due taxes at least in 48 monthly installments.

Maintenance work on the tram to Glyfada

Off comes the part of the tram network "OldHall Glyfada - Voula Asklipieio" on Tuesday and Wednesday, from 22:00 until the end of the shift, due to the execution of work maintenance. Therefore, vehicles tram would terminate their services in the "Old City Hall "stop.

The government violates the decisions of justice

The 397 cleaners continue their struggle for reinstatement, by remaining outside the building of the Ministry of Finance. Despite the favorable judgment’s decision, the government currently has make nothing for their application. 

On Wednesday will begin the StudentsNational Examinations

Opens on Wednesday nationwide examination of the curtain, for 105,000 candidates to claim one of 70,305 places in Universities and Technical colleges throughout the country. OLME has called a concentration in the Ministry of Education, today after two and a half at noon, against repeals andmergers of schools promoted by the Ministry.

Amounting to about 35 dead pro-Russian in Ukraine

For deaths that reach up to 35 pro-Russian speaking gunmen the enterprise of the Ukrainian army to recapture the Donetsk airport.

Presidential elections in Egypt

Second day of the presidential elections in Egypt to illustrate essentially of General Al- Sisi, fanatical enemy of Muslim Brotherhood, the highest office. Results announced next week and will follow parliamentary elections, probably in the fall.

Good and warm weather across the country with a few clouds during “the hot hours of the day”, to main land will increase local givingshowers and thunderstorms mainly in the mountains in the eastern Macedoniaand Thrace, provided today by the National Meteorological Service. The winds of the Aegean Sea from southern primarily addresses patients to medium and from the western Ionian addresses with the same intensity. At 31°C the maximum temperature in Athens, at 30°C in Thessaloniki .
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